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Gaetano Donizetti

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This opera contains so much wonderful music, the plot revolving around Elvida (Annick Massis), a Spanish princess captured by Amur (Pietro Spagnoli), the Moorish tribal chieftain. In the quartet, ‘Deh... read more

Song title Time Format Price
playstop01 Elvida: Preludio00:24
playstop02 Elvida: scena I: Coro: Tutto cede al nemico feroce 02:32
playstop03 Elvida: scena II: Duetto: Non piu: dicesti assai 04:29
playstop04 Elvida: scena II: Allegro: Omai tant'orgoglio 02:35
playstop05 Elvida: scena II: Recitative: Ed ostinato ancor? 00:58
playstop06 Elvida: scena III: Aria: A che mi vuoi? 01:49
playstop07 Elvida: scena III: Cabaletta: Le smanie io sento in petto 04:00
playstop08 Elvida: scena III: Recitative: Ebben? Elvida, ascolta - scena IV: Il terror tutto inonda - scena V: Trattienti ? 02:24
playstop09 Elvida: scena V: Duetto: Se geme a' tuoi lai ? 03:38
playstop10 Elvida: scena V: Duetto: Si grave e il tormento 01:55
playstop11 Elvida: scena VI: Recitative: Misero me ! 01:33
playstop12 Elvida: scena VII: Coro: Cinto di nouvi allori 02:51
playstop13 Elvida: scena VII: Aria: Atra nube al sole intorno 02:35
playstop14 Elvida: scena VII: Cabaletta: Cara immagin del mio bene 04:04
playstop15 Elvida: scena VIII: Recitative: L'empio Amur si sottrasse 00:40
playstop16 Elvida: scena IX: Recitative: Signor, se la clemenza 02:06
playstop17 Elvida: scena X: Recitative: Elvida, il tuo coraggio dunque a un tratto 03:27
playstop18 Elvida: scena XI: Recitative: Padre, che pensi? 01:41
playstop19 Elvida: scena XI: Terzetto: Invan, superba invano - scena XII: Stelle! ? 07:32
playstop20 Elvida: scena XII: Quartetto: Deh! Ti placa ? 04:33
playstop21 Elvida: scena XII: Quartetto: L'empio cor che chiudi in petto 03:02
playstop22 Elvida: scena XIII: Recitative: Ti conforta, signor. 00:41
playstop23 Elvida: scena XIV: Dutto Finaletto: Ah padre! ? Alfonso 01:39
playstop24 Elvida: Last scena: Dutto Finaletto: Il cielo, in pria sdegnato 04:25

This opera contains so much wonderful music, the plot revolving around Elvida (Annick Massis), a Spanish princess captured by Amur (Pietro Spagnoli), the Moorish tribal chieftain. In the quartet, ‘Deh ti placa, Amur’, Alfonso (Bruce Ford), Elvida’s lover begs Amur to spare Elvida. Amur, unsurprisingly, concedes defeat in what is one of Donizetti’s most ravishing ensembles.On the first night of this extraordinary birthday surprise, the soprano, Enrichetta Meric-Lalande, and the tenor, Giovanni Battista Rubini, two of the greatest stars of the 19th century, stepped down to the footlights to deliver a duet written to display their celebrated vocal expertise. In Opera Rara’s new recording this finale, a set of intricate variations, is dispatched with due aplomb by Annick Massis and Bruce Ford.

Booklet includes complete libretto with English translation.

'One of the best casts assembled today' -

Pietro Spagnoli (Amur), Jennifer Larmore (Zeidar), Annick Massis (Elvida), Bruce Ford (Alfonso), Anne-Marie Gibbons (Zulma), Ashley Catling (Ramiro), London Philharmonic Orchestra, Antonello Allemandi – conductor

Scene 1.  In a fortified city in the kingdom of Granada, Elvida, a noble Castilian maiden, has for two months been the prisoner of Amur, the head of a tribe of Moors.  But the Spaniards, led by her fiancé Alfonso, are advancing upon the city, determined to secure her release.

Zeidar, Amur’s son, has fallen in love with the captive, much to his father’s disgust.  For, exasperated by Elvida’s haughtiness, Amur would gladly put her to death and be rid of her.  Zeidar urges him to surrender her to the Spanish and so save their city – their last remaining stronghold.  But his assertion that he will himself then die of grief prompts Amur to make one last attempt to bend Elvida to his will and marry her to his son.  Elvida proudly rejects the proposal and scorns his threats, declaring that Amur slew her father, Gonzalvo, and that her father’s death still remains unavenged. 

Amur is called away to rally his followers, terror-stricken at the Spanish advance, and in his absence Zeidar pleads with Elvida to be more conciliatory – for her own sake if not for his.  Although he succeeds in evoking her sympathy, she remains as adamant as ever, and is led away by guards to an underground prison.

Amur hastily returns, convinced that further open resistance is useless.  He urges Zeidar to accompany him out of the city by a secret passage, since he hopes that one of his allies, Azor, will have sent him a relief force, and that he will find it waiting for him in a nearby wood.

Scene 2.  A square in the city, which has just fallen to Alfonso and the Spanish.  Alfonso’s joy at the victory he has won is tempered by concern for Elvida’s safety, and he wavers between hope and fear.

His officer Ramiro reports that Amur and Zeidar have slipped through their net, but Zulma, one of Amur’s slaves, offers to show them the passage by which the fugitives have escaped, and which will also lead them to Elvida’s prison.

Scene 3.  The underground cavern where Elvida is held captive.  Overwhelmed by her misfortunes, she is rapidly giving way to despair, but the arrival of Amur and Zeidar, the former determined to take her out of the city with them and use her as a hostage to guarantee their safety, once more summons up her spirit of defiance. 

They are about to pursue their way down the secret passage when Alfonso and his soldiers burst upon the scene.  Amur draws a dagger to slay Elvida, but Zeidar seizes his arm and prevents the blow.  Amur is overpowered by the Spanish, but this does not stop him from reviling and rejecting his son for what he regards as his pusillanimous betrayal.

Ramiro brings word that a clash has taken place between Azor’s relief force and the Spanish, and that the Moors have been put to flight.  Alfonso has Amur removed elsewhere, but in gratitude grants Zeidar his liberty and agrees to spare his father.

There is general rejoicing as Alfonso and Elvida are reunited and look forward to their marriage the following morning.

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