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Sir Mark Elder, Recording Les Martyrs  ‘	It is so important that
                                        someone keeps us
Appeal Patrons                          in touch with these
Renée Fleming, Juan Diego Flórez        extraordinary works;
Sir Vernon Ellis, Sir Simon Robertson  	 I urge you to help us’
Artistic Director Sir Mark Elder CBE
Chairman Charles Alexander                 Sir Mark Elder
                                           Artistic Director, Opera Rara
Find out more online                  Opera Rara’s mission is to rediscover restore, record and
                                           perform the lost operatic heritage of the 19th century;
2 Opera Rara                               thereby creating a globally accessible legacy of rare and
                                           glorious music.

                                           Established in 1970 by Don White and Patric Schmid
                                           and generously funded by the Peter Moores Foundation
                                           until 2010, Opera Rara is not a performing repertory
                                           opera company: it is a charity which engages in musical
                                           archaeology, its unique purpose being to recreate works
                                           of art and to make them accessible worldwide via concert
                                           performance, broadcast, digital download platforms and CD.

                                           Today Opera Rara is under the expert guidance of its
                                           Artistic Director Sir Mark Elder. Since his arrival the
                                           Company has enjoyed unprecedented artistic success
                                           with recordings of Offenbach’s Fantasio, Gounod’s
                                           La Colombe, and Donizetti’s Linda di Chamounix,
                                           Maria di Rohan, Rita, Belisario and Les Martyrs.

                                           Sir Mark is supported by a strong team led by Opera
                                           Rara’s new Chief Executive Henry Little and our repertoire
                                           consultant, Professor Roger Parker.

                                           In 2012 the businessman and opera supporter Charles
                                           Alexander was appointed chairman. Charles is supported
                                           by a board of Trustees who are all committed to Opera
                                           Rara’s mission and support the charity from their own

                                           Opera Rara is proud to have adapted to the challenges of
                                           funding its recordings and performances in this new era
                                           which has coincided with unprecedented artistic success.
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