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‘ Through their many
                                                           award-winning recordings
                                                           and acclaimed concerts,
                                                           Opera Rara showcases
                                                           the most dazzling,
                                                           virtuosic singing’

                                                             Renée Fleming
                                                             Patron, Opera Rara Appeal

‘Any lover of opera should be grateful for the            Opera Rara is proud to have created 41 complete
existence of Opera Rara. This unique organisation         Performing Editions and to have acted as the catalyst for
provides an indispensable service, bringing neglected     others to create many more new editions.
gems of the 19th century to 21st century audiences.
                                                          The result is not only the number of new, scholarship
I know the value of this work from my own experience      based editions, but a permanent archive of over
recording Donizetti’s Rosmonda d’Inghilterra with them.   100 recordings including:
Without Opera Rara, recordings like that just wouldn’t
be made, and countless musical treasures would            • 60 full-length operas
remain essentially lost, unheard and unappreciated by     • 24 by Donizetti and 9 by Rossini
contemporary and future audiences.                        • 13 Il Salotto (song) series
                                                          • 24 compilations and 13 artist collections
Through their many award-winning recordings and
acclaimed concerts, Opera Rara also showcases the         In the case of Donizetti, Pacini, Mercadante and
most dazzling, virtuosic singing. I am delighted to       Offenbach, Opera Rara’s work has resulted in a
support this work, and I hope you will play your part in  fundamental revaluation of their reputation and output,
securing Opera Rara’s vibrant artistic future.’           changing the way in which they are perceived.

Renée Fleming, Patron, Opera Rara Appeal                  Opera Rara believes in the ‘creation of excellence’ which
                                                          is achieved through our total commitment to the highest
                                                          musical standards. One aspect is our rigorous musical
                                                          and stylistic preparation with the singers, well in advance
                                                          of the recordings as well as an intensive rehearsal period.

                                                          Opera Rara’s cast display a delicate balance between
                                                          established artists and the best young singers. Renée
                                                          Fleming made one of her first recordings for Opera Rara.
                                                          Nelly Miricioiu made13 recordings with us. Other singers
                                                          include Bruce Ford who made most of his recordings for
                                                          the Company, Colin Lee, Della Jones, Jennifer Larmore,
                                                          Ildebrando D’Arcangelo and Christopher Purves.

                                                          More recent examples of singers at the start of their
                                                          career who have made their first studio recording for
                                                          Opera Rara include Carmen Giannattasio, Joyce El-Khoury,
                                                          Angela Meade and Erin Morley. Numerous other well-known
                                                          artists have been nurtured by Opera Rara.

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