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‘	Opera Rara’s role in       Artistic Plans 2016-2018
 rediscovering the lost
 operatic heritage of the
 19th century is both
 unique and invaluable.
 I encourage you to
 support their important
 work as generously as
 you can ’

  Juan Diego Flórez
  Patron, Opera Rara Appeal

                             Adelson e Salvini                        Semiramide

                             Vincenzo Bellini, 1825                   Gioachino Rossini, 1823
                             Recording May 2016                       Recording August 2016
                             Concert Barbican 11 May                  Concert Royal Albert Hall 4 September

                             Vincenzo Bellini is regarded as the      Semiramide was Rossini’s last Italian
                             quintessential composer of the           opera and was written at the height
                             Italian bel canto era of the early 19th  of his creative powers. Hugely
                             century. Adelson e Salvini, his first    successful in its early years, it was
                             opera, was written as his final project  performed by some of the greatest
                             at the Naples Conservatory when          singers of the day. Semiramide was
                             the composer was 23 years old. The       also at the forefront of the revival of
                             work was very popular among the          Rossini’s serious operas in the 1960s
                             Conservatory’s student audience,         and 1970s, during which period a
                             and shows that Bellini had found         famous Decca recording (with Joan
                             his characteristic voice even at this    Sutherland and Marilyn Horne, cond.
                             first stage of his career. Bellini made  Bonynge) was released. Fifty years
                             many revisions over the years. Opera     on Opera Rara plan to make the
                             Rara will record the original version,   opera speak in a different way, with
                             but include Bellini’s most significant   lighter voices and the Orchestra of
                             revisions in Appendices.                 the Age of Enlightenment; we will also
                                                                      be performing the opera without any
                             The outstanding young Italian            of the cuts that have accompanied
                             conductor Daniele Rustioni will          almost all modern revivals.
                             conduct the BBC Symphony
                             Orchestra and a cast which includes      Semiramide will be conducted by
                             Daniela Barcellona, Lawrence             Sir Mark Elder with a star cast
                             Brownlee and Simone Alberghini.          including Albina Shagimuratova,
                                                                      Daniela Barcellona, Ildebrando
                                                                      D’Arcangelo and Javier Camarena.
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