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Why we need
 your support

Every pound we spend on recordings has to be raised              ‘	If, like me, you had previously
from donations – Opera Rara is not grant funded nor do           never heard of, still less heard,
we have substantial reserves.                                    many of these works I invite you to
                                                                 support our exciting plans for the
We are appealing for £2million in order to deliver our           future. Join us at Opera Rara and
artistic programme between 2016 and 2018 and to lay              explore with us the hidden corners
the foundations for a sustainable future. Our Board of           of the operatic repertoire. Together
Trustees has already committed 20% (£400,000) of the             we will be building an indelible
total. This covers our administrative fixed costs. Therefore     legacy of rare and glorious music
every pound that we receive will go towards the costs of         for future generations to enjoy’
delivering our exciting artistic programme.
                                                                  Charles Alexander
This is not an appeal for buildings or infrastructure, it is an   Chairman, Opera Rara
appeal to make music happen!

It is an appeal to support the recording and performing of
neglected masterpieces by world class artists, orchestras
and conductors.

Your support helps us keep the operatic legacy alive for
future generations through acclaimed performances and
recordings, performed by the world’s leading artists.

Your support will underpin every aspect of our work, from
research and restoration to language and music coaching
through to recording, concert and the finished CD and

Making a philanthropic gift to support our work and
sharing our passion for it can be an extremely rewarding
process, allowing you to develop a closer relationship with,
and understanding of, the wonderful operatic heritage of
the 19th century.

Whether you are interested in being involved with a
specific opera, want to hear our researchers talk about
their work, or want to be able to hear this music live or
in recording we want to give you a unique opportunity to
become part of the Opera Rara story.

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