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Ways you can 	
	 support us

Summary                                                       Become a Patron

•	 For over 40 years Opera Rara has been bringing the         Foundation Patron	                £100,000 plus
  forgotten gems of 19th century operas back to life          Legacy Patron 	             £50,000 to £99,999
  through acclaimed, award-winning recordings which are       Performance Patron 	        £25,000 to £49,999
  now available worldwide as a permanent archive.             Recording Patron	           £10,000 to £24,999
                                                              Restoration Patron	
•	 Recordings and concerts are of the highest possible        Rediscovery Patron	            £5,000 to £9,999
  artistic standards – CDs are produced in lavish boxes                                      £1,000 to £4,999
  with comprehensive notes.

•	 Opera Rara continues to discover and nurture new
  talent, ensuring that singers are coached stylistically by
  expert teachers.

•	 Opera Rara has been central to the bel canto
  renaissance: its recordings are the product of exhaustive
  research and scholarship and enable music lovers to
  re-evaluate a composer’s work.

•	 Under the artistic leadership of Sir Mark Elder, the
  company has a new vision and an extensive programme
  of new work. An exceptional team of scholars has been
  assembled to ensure the highest standards of research.

Please support us in continuing                               ‘	I’m delighted to be a     ‘	Opera Rara relies
to create a permanent, living and                              Patron of the Opera         upon the generosity
accessible archive.                                            Rara Appeal. Their          of passionate opera
                                                               work is important and       lovers to support its
                                                               creates a permanent         work. I’m delighted
                                                               legacy. Your generous       to be one of them’
                                                               support will ensure
                                                               it remains for us all       Sir Simon Robertson
                                                               to enjoy’                   Patron, Opera Rara Appeal

                                                               Sir Vernon Ellis
                                                               Patron, Opera Rara Appeal

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