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Sogno Talor

Sogno Talor... Sometimes I dream

2 disc set

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To celebrate twenty-five years of recording the worlds rarest operas, Opera Rara presents a condensed version of its acclaimed survey of opera in the first half of the 19th century. The double CD set is... read more

Song title Time Format Price
playstop01 Maria Stuarda: Overture06:50
playstop02 Carlo di Borgogna, Part I: Cavatina: Qual astro novello, repente, si bello? Vago ciel del caro sposo12:40
playstop03 Elisabetta regina d'Inghilterra, Act I: Duet: Misera! a quale stato06:08
playstop04 Il marito e l'amante: E celeste quell'incanto03:24
playstop05 Adelasia e Aleramo, Act I: Trio: Dove salvarmi? Oh Dio!07:23
playstop06 Rosmonda d'Inghilterra, Act II: Duet: Giurasti un di? rammentalo?04:11
playstop07 Il ratto di Proserpina, Act I: Trio: Mi lasci, o madre amata03:23
playstop08 Emilia di Liverpool, Act I: Quintet: Gia s'oscura la mia mente02:11
playstop09 Roberto Devereux, Act III: A te diro negli ultimi02:44
playstop10 Maria, regina d'Inghilterra, Act II: Pera l'indegno!? Folle! Dall' Anglo soglio05:59
playstop11 Robinson Crusoe, Act I: Quintet: All right! Sit down and take your places now03:00
playstop12 Ricciardo e Zoraide, Act I: Trio: Cruda sorte!09:28
playstop13 Margherita d'Anjou, Act I: Cavatina: Miei fedeli, queste prove08:17
playstop14 Maria Padilla, Act II: Nella reggia dell'amore05:49
playstop15 Dinorah, "Le pardon de Ploermel", Act I: Bellah! Ma chèvre cherie!08:13
playstop16 Elisabetta al castello di Kenilworth: Quartet: Freme! ondeggia irresoluto!02:39
playstop17 Zaira, Act I: Cavatina: Liete voci! bei voti!08:00
playstop18 Christopher Columbus, Act III: Lovely night, such a lovely night03:16
playstop19 Ines de Castro: scena and Aria: Non paventar mia vita!07:57
playstop20 Bianca e Falliero, Act II: Quartet: Cielo, il mio labbro ispira13:04
playstop21 Ines de Castro, Act II: Quartet: Pietoso, clemente05:55
playstop22 Il crociato in Egitto, Act II: Aria: L'acciar dela fede? La gloria celeste06:38
playstop23 Parisina, Act II: Romance: Sogno talor di correre05:36
playstop24 Orazi e Curiazi, Act I: Addio!05:51
playstop25 Le pont des soupirs: Aria: Ah! qu'il etait doux mon beau reve!03:48

To celebrate twenty-five years of recording the worlds rarest operas, Opera Rara presents a condensed version of its acclaimed survey of opera in the first half of the 19th century. The double CD set is in the form of a two-act Grand Opera Gala, with an overture, choruses, arias, ensembles and extravagant finales. The operatic selections take you from the quartet in Zingarelli's 1801 Ines de Castro to the berceuse from Meyerbeer's Dinorah written in 1856. In the intervening fifty years are found further riches by Rossini, Donizetti, Mercadante and Pacini as well as Mayr, Ricci and Winter. A total of 9 composers guide you through the early development of the bel canto school of singing.

Includes song texts with English translation for each track.

'One of the best anthologies on disc' - John Steane, Gramophone

Nelly Miricioiu, Bruce Ford, Jennifer Larmore, Antonino Siragusa, Renee Flemng, Alastair Miles, Elizabeth Futral, William Matteuzzi, Yvonne Kenny, Sesto Bruscantini, Widdwen Harrhy, Chris Merritt, Annick Massis, Barry Banks, Majella Cullagh, Ildebrand DArcangelo, Marily Hill Smith, Jose Bros, Deborah Cook, Anthony Michaels Moore, Della Jones, Marcus Haddock, Elisabetta Scano