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Vocal Teamwork

Vocal Teamwork

1 disc set

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The expression ‘vocal teamwork’ would simply not have been understood in the 1800’s – yet the development of the operatic form in the 19th century was to a large part dependent... read more

Song title Time Format Price
playstop01 Bianca e Falliero, Act II: Va crudel! ? vedrai l'effetto09:24
playstop02 Dinorah, "Le pardon de Ploermel", Act I: Il faut se hâter03:25
playstop03 L'esule di Granata, Act I: Cara, il soave istante08:47
playstop04 Emma d'Antiochia, Act II: Cielo! sei tu che il vindice03:41
playstop05 Ricciardo e Zoraide, Act I: Cessi omai quel tuo rigore04:14
playstop06 Macbeth: Macbeth, Act II: Sangue a me quell'ombra chiede04:31
playstop07 Medea in Corinto, Act I: Ah! se manco a te di fede03:26
playstop08 Margherita d'Anjou, Act II: Oh! Rabbia! oh furore!03:44
playstop09 Gli sposi in cimento, Act II: Siamo marito e moglie02:54
playstop10 Gianni di Calais, Act II: Tu in grembo all'innocenza05:51
playstop11 Agnese, Act II: Se la smarrita agnella12:42
playstop12 Vallace, Act IV: Viva Vallace! Vallace Viva!08:58
playstop13 Maria Stuart, regina di Scozia, Act I: Terribil momento03:41
playstop14 L'assedio di Calais, Act III: Raddopia I baci tuoi04:31

The expression ‘vocal teamwork’ would simply not have been understood in the 1800’s – yet the development of the operatic form in the 19th century was to a large part dependent on the increasing sophistication of vocal technique and operatic ensemble writing. And ensembles mean teamwork. With the mastering of the ensemble form a number of things happen. We see it being used to advance plot and witness therefore the gradual disappearance of the recitative. But the most significant contribution of the ensemble was the opportunity it afforded composers to convey the simultaneous and differing emotions of the protagonists. We have here many different kinds of ensemble, starting with the elaborate formality of the duet from Rossini’s Bianca e Falliero, and concluding with the emotionally charged nonet from Donizetti’s L’assedio di Calais. Between these is a specially chosen selection of pieces, which shows that this was indeed the great century of ensemble writing. We hope we have been able to convey some of that greatness by offering you these beautiful examples from Opera Rara’s acclaimed recordings.

'A truly thrilling recording' - Thorvald Petterson, KulturNytt

Annick Massis, Bruce Ford, Majella Cullagh, Alastair Miles, Jennifer Larmore, Mirco Palazzi,Laura Claycomb, Peter Glossop, Della Jones, Alexander Oliver, Yvonne Kenny, Rockwell Blake, Daniela Barcellona, William Matteuzzi, Jane Eaglen,Christian du Plessis, Deborah Cook. London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra - conductors David Parry, James Judd, Giuliano Carella.